Republicans 1994 – the bigot vote


In 1994, the Republicans effectively ended FDR’s New Deal Democratic coalition by forming a more successful coalition of their own which took votes away from the former Democratic coalition. If the Democrats want to take over again, they must do the same: break up the Republican coalition and take parts of it back into their own fold.

Here is my take on who the the Republicans got together to create the “”Republican Majority” that held the presidency, both houses of Congress, the clear majority of Supreme Court appointees, and control of a clear majority of state governorships and state houses after 1994.

First the racist bigots:

The shift in the loyalties of racist bigots from the Democratic Party to the Republican party has had immense consequences in presidential campaigns and party votes on legislation.

After the Civil War, the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln was associated with anti-slavery (and other moral issues), and white southerners associated Blacks and the Republican Party with the setbacks they suffered after the war, and for a hundred years the Solid South was solidly Democratic.

Then in 1964 President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat and Southerner, passed the Civil Rights Act, and was seen by the South as betraying them, and the Solid South and bigots from all over the country abandoned the Democratic Party and the Solid South became solid Republican, and Democratic majorities in many northern states were shaved much thinner.

Practically all openly anti-minority racist groups are solid Republican now and the consistent use of the “southern strategy” by the Republican Party guarantees that racists will remain loyal to the Republicans for the foreseeable future. They gain the southern states and the few percent of majority whites who vote racist partially nullifies the loss of minority votes in northern states.

But lest we think too highly of ourselves:

Racism (like any form of hatred) is not the inherent state of humanity but results from fear, and can be created by pitting groups against each other, as in the artificially-created competition between too many workers for too few jobs. Throughout our nation’s history, minority groups have been brought into the country, forced by the greatness of their numbers to compete against Blacks (and other minorities) to reduce the wages of both, then the new minorities have been permitted to become “white”, receive comparable wages with other whites, while Blacks remain as our permanent underclass, ready to be used to reduce wages of new arrivals with derived racism used to disguise the ultimate causation, the economic cupidity of those who will economically benefit by competition and the racism it engenders.

Unfortunately, all too many of those who purport to be “Liberals” or “Progressives” also benefit financially through reducing jobs (by downsizing or similar means) and simultaneously increasing workers through various forms of legal and illegal immigration, which results in too many workers chasing too few jobs, which results in low wages, loss of benefits and job security, and the inevitable rise of fear, hatred, and racism, misplaced thought it may be.

But those who will, once again, promote the importation of endless hordes of “cheap labor” and who will pride themselves on “opposing racism” by classifying those new minorities as “white” in a generation or so, while allowing Blacks to remain black, are just as complicit in racism as their more honest racist cousins in the Klan or the White Aryan Nation.

Opposing racism means opposing setting groups to compete agains each other economically, not just getting them to call each other by nice names.

The power of the public racists in the Republican Party will continue as long as we continue to quietly act as their enablers by supporting the elite in their eternal quest for cheap labor.

The Coming Realignment


In one of my (many) favorite local Progressive Yahoo Groups, I just noticed a posting which linked to an article by Tom Englehart at the Lew Rockwell site.

I’d like folks to think about the profound implications of seeing this article here. This was on a Liberal/Progressive email list, but is a link to a Paleo-Conservative website. The Paleo-Conservatives are profoundly peeved at the Neo-Conservatives for hijacking the Conservative movement (and control of the Republican Party) away from them. The Paleos believe in limited government, low taxes, free market economy, and avoidance of ambitions to military empire. Besides they can be found places like and .

But the article is not by one of their Paleo-Con stalwarts, but by Tom Englehart, a Liberal/Progressive from the Nation Institute and who has a blog at Tom Dispatch.

And the article from TomDispatch is not about typical fellow leftists like Noam Chomsky, but is an interview with Andrew Bacevich, a West Pointer career military man who is a “cultural conservative, a former contributor to such magazines as the Weekly Standard and the National Review, a former Bush Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin”.

Anybody here notice that the Left and the Right are becoming totally intertwined? In areas like the Partiot Act, the FCC and media monopolies, spying on citizens, and many other areas, the Left and Right are not only working on the same side on the same issues, but are actually cooperating and nourishing each other.

I see a profound realignment of the political compass, with the differences between Progressive/Liberals and Conservatives being put on the back burner as both sides fight together against the unholy alliance between the Neo-Conservative Military Empire-builders, the Corporatist Feudalists, and the Christian Reich.

More here later on how we used to be aligned and how things may work out in the future.

All the more reason why it may be a politically fatal mistake to ignore the political base of the other side and concentrate only on the Terminally Befuddled Undecideds.