Screw DailyKos


I used to think that DailyKos was one of the best things that happened to the Net, a force that would allow the netroots to push the Progressive movement to become once again a means to make a difference for the good in America.

That was before Kos became popular and got a taste of power and decided he could decide who is worthy to appear in the debates:

So is there really a point to having Gravel, in between advocating English as an “official” language and promoting his right-wing flat tax, sit on the debates doing nothing but attack other Democrats?

Sorry, Kos, but Mike Gravel, in his few years in the Senate, accomplished more to stop a war than you or all your Neo(ie: fake)-Liberal presidential candidates combined. When Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, showing government deceiving the public about our involvement in Vietnam, and was about to be “put to the torch“, Grevel published the papers in the Congressional Record, guaranteeing public access. And Gravel single-handedly filibustered against the draft for five months until Nixon conceded and the draft ended, without which there could soon be no more Vietnam War.

Any of our current presidential candidates in the Senate could have done the same. If they had the courage. But they don’t. And Kos is trying to protect his favored candidates–the spineless–from criticism from someone who had more backbone than any or all of them put together.

So, Kos,you and your Kossacks can dismiss him as a flake, and mischaracterise his positions, but after reading what you and yours have to say about him, and reading his positions, I trust and respect him now more than you. Trying to denigrate critics as insane and trying to silence them is the sort of tactic that Karl Rove would use, not someone who wants to give the people a voice against the powerful.

All organizations, once they gain some power, lose their ideals and allow themselves to become co-opted by that power, and themselves become the establishment that needs to be confronted. I just hoped that Kos could have resisted temptation a while longer.