Bollywood Journalism Coming to a Newspaper Near You!


Looks like our neighbors in Kansas City are about to learn about outsourcing, as the Kansas City Star offshores its advertising department to Bangalore:

Now, as if this weren’t enough of a blow, the kicker is this: the employees will retain their employment until after their replacements – who are being flown in, and put up here in Kansas City – have been trained by the displaced employees.

Right now it’s just the advertising department, but offshoring other critical departments will follow. Those of us in Information Technology have been predicting it since our careers started being decimated a decade ago. We’ve seen our friends evicted, forced to take jobs making a quarter of what they were making before, lost healthcare, kids not able to go to college…and no one would listen…because the journalists still had their jobs so they didn’t see any reason to pay attention to us. Now it’s their turn.

Americans have a terrible tradition of “rugged individualism” that assumes we are individually responsible for our destinies rather than all in the same lifeboat together. To us, every man is an island and none is part of the main, and when the bell tolls, just shout “Fuck you, Jack, I got mine!” So when our neighbor is laid off, we assume it is just their own damn fault. There are no looming threats until we ourselves are at risk.

Well, now that those who write the newspapers may finally see their own families at risk, maybe they will start to listen.