I voted today


I got up early today to vote in the primary. On the ballot I saw the name Russ Carnahan. I remember him. He was our “Representative”. Practically every week one of the groups I was part of went to his office to ask to see him and speak with him of our concerns.

Not once did he ever see us or talk to us. Not for one second. And not one second did it take me to decide to vote for someone else. If they will not give me one second of their time, I see not one reason to give them my vote. Never again.


Kirkwood: Freedom’s just another word…


for nothing left to lose

Those in power never seem to learn the most simple lesson:

Never ever screw someone to the point where they feel they have nothing left to lose.

Because when you push them to the point where they see no reason to continue living themselves, they may then see no reason to let you continue living either.

Maybe you feel that you are ever so superior to them, and your life is ever so much more valuable than theirs. Go ahead and feel that way all you want to. But if you act on your feelings and screw them over past their breaking point, you may not like the blowback. In fact, you may not survive it.

And Brad makes similar points

Update: Another post from Brad that bears reading:

I want you to get this through your head, and never forget it. Lynching was not a hate crime. Lynching was an economic crime.

Power Down


My power was down for over a week. They keep on telling us that it was the worst storm in decades. Bullshit. There were worse storms a few years ago, but no mass power outage.

I lived in Chicago for twenty years. We had worse storms all the time, but we didn’t have power outages. Before that I lived in Pennsylvania for twenty years. We had worse storms every few weeks during the winter, but never a power outage in all that time.

So what is different here? Greed. For decades, corporations have been buying each other up, laying off all the dedicated, experienced workers, replacing them (if at all) with younger, lower-skiiled but cheaper workers, often from offshore. Milking the corporations dry, and milking the customers dry.

Typically, a third of a company’s budget goes to employee wages. If you can save 30% on wages, profits go way up. That money could go into lower prices…but it doesn’t. It could go to the stockholders…but it doesn’t. It could go into employee wages, or into keeping more employed instead of laying them off…but it never does. It goes into the salaries of the top level executives. Or bonuses. Or their pensions. Or their golden parachutes. But not to the employees, the customers, or the stockholders.

It’s not over, and it’s not just the electric company.