Change we can believe in? Where??

So far all of Obama’s picks for top posts have been establishment corporatists, panderers to the wealthy, Clinton retreads. I see no one who represents any change whatsoever, but simply placing those who created the problems into positions where they will just make things worse.

We are entering totally uncharted territory, a world that could make the Great Depression look like a mild ripple, and all we have is more of the same.

When those who “unorthodox” in some fashion, those who are minorities or politically or socially offbeat in some fashion, finally “make it” to be a public success (such as by becoming President), too often they feel a need to be seen as “normal” in every possible way except their own specific difference. They feell the need to be seen as part of the Establishment. And so they may be a small bit of change in making it themselves, but they are too fearful of rejection to dare bring real change.

I fear now that Obama is feeling the inner need for being accepted as “normal” and will break the entire promise of his campaign.

We hired him to bring change, not to merely be it.

2 Responses to Change we can believe in? Where??

  1. IT pro says:

    Hi Numen, are you a member at Bright Futures? Love your posts all over. I’ve been wondering “Who is that masked man?” Donna C dosn’t know.

  2. numen says:

    I’m just slightly under the radar, but I’m on TechsUnite, RescueAmericanJobs, and many other lists, and most of the folks in the St. Louis progressive lists know me…

    By the way, do you folks have an RSS feed on the blog? Couldn’t find one…

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