Layoffs Up


From Financial Week:

Layoffs coming, and in large numbers, survey finds
January 28, 2008

Corporate executives are poised to start making substantial cutbacks in their staffing, according to a new forecast by employment consulting and legal firm Career Protection.

In fact, the firm is predicting a 37% increase in layoffs this year over last

On the other hand

Wipro to hire more freshers
19 Jan, 2008, 0000 hrs IST, TNN
BANGALORE: Continuing with its focus on recruiting more freshers, Wipro … has given out job offer letters to 14,000 rookies from engineering colleges for FY09. It is also stepping up focus on hiring non-engineering graduates and has made 3,500 offers to BSc graduates. …

“We have been inducting non-engineers for 10 years now in small batches but decided to ramp up the number last year. Last year, we gave offers to 1,500 BSc graduates, we have hiked the number to 3,500 for next fiscal.” These will be from the BSc Maths, Physics and Chemistry streams.

In Q3, Wipro made a gross addition of 4,900 people of whom about 2,500 were freshers. For the nine months till December 31, 2007, it has added 15,500 people including 8,000 freshers. Total head count now stands at 79,832 employees

Apparently, they need to lay us off over here so they won’t have to lay them off over there…