Liberal bloggers as a gated community

I think our Liberal bloggers are getting a bit ahead of themselves, for instance, Chris Bowers of MyDD (one of the best):

The Democratic Party is in the midst of a severe electoral crisis. Right now, we only control the US House, the US Senate, the majority of Governorships, the majority of state legislatures, and we lead in only seven out of the eight top-tier matchups in the 2008 general election.

This was in the criticism of a southern white Democrat consultant, “Mudcat” Saunders who was criticising fellow Dems for ignoring the rest of country:

I have bitched and moaned for years about the lack of tolerance in the elitist wing of the Democratic Party, or what I refer to as the “Metropolitan Opera Wing”. These are the people who talk of tolerance but the only true tolerance they ever exhibit is for their own pseudo-intellectual arrogance.

So he was being a bit, um, harsh, and he caught hell for it. But I think he had a hell of a good point. The “elite” Liberal bloggers (and there are a small handful who get most of the traffic) are being awfully arrogant if they try to take credit for Democratic gains in the last election. The Dems (assisted as they were by the bloggers) did not win. The Republicans lost it as they lost their base, disgusted by the obvious corruption and incompetence of the Republican leaders. And if Dems make further gains in the next election it will again be due largely to the continuing corruption and incompetence of the Republicans, not the skills (however great) of the bloggers, and certainly not due to any abundance of courageous actions of the Democrats in the Senate and House…

As we celebrate our President having approval ratings descending through the twenties, we might want to note that the Senate and House, now under Democratic control, have approval ratings far, far lower, now down to 14%.

The Democrats have shown fear and cowardice, failing to follow the wishes of the electorate by ending the war and reining in the Presidency. And the Democratic bloggers, once Liberal and Progressive, now merely Democratic, have (as I noted before) started to lose their edge, and are now trying to take the route they feel is safe (support any corporate Democrat instead of holding them to account) instead of showing the courage to push them by supporting those who support Progressive policies.

Taking the safe route instead of pushing is what got the Democrats in Congress approval ratings of 14%, and doing the same will not help the reputations or power of the bloggerati either.

2 Responses to Liberal bloggers as a gated community

  1. Jenn says:

    Very true. The blogosphere is little more than an echo chamber for elites.

  2. Lanny says:

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