Liberals vs Neo-Liberals

It’s the economy, stupid!

Some folks who used to be Liberals want us to believe they still are. Well, sorry, Bub. It’s not enough to say that gay black guys should be able to get abortions. If you want to be a Liberal then you have to support their having jobs, and those jobs paying a living wage with decent safety standards…and with affordable medical care and a safe and secure retirement.

If you support gay guys having abortions but then support giving away our jobs, forcing us to take our kids out of college because we can no longer afford their tuition, even making some of us die early because corporate execs want to replace us with those who will not ask for healthcare, then you are not a Liberal–you are a corporate whore, no matter who you may have been thirty years ago.

You can support the people or the cheap labor plutocrats, but not both.


3 Responses to Liberals vs Neo-Liberals

  1. astronautagogo says:

    I agree wih this diary but, how can a guy have an abortion? Is this some sort of reference or snark i’m not getting?

  2. numen says:

    I was being snarky, very snarky.

    Neoliberals are willing to pretend to be Liberal on social issues as long as they can get the votes of real liberals without having to actually do anything and as long as their support has no teeth, and takes no political risks.

  3. Jenn says:

    You’re spot on, because the neo-left are only about a few pet issues. They don’t care to be inclusive to the wider issues related to poverty. The love “free speech” but only their own, and don’t mind rationalizing their own versions of Bush’s “there ought to be limits to freedom’.

    The extremes, whether they are neo-con or neo-left are virtually the same. The outcomes that would be achieved by power gained by either would be little different. The focus needs to be on the wider issues and against the glass ceilings perpetuated by either extreme.

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