Barack and MySpace – not ready for prime time?

As Kos says, “Shitting on your biggest supporters is generally not a wise thing to do.”

When Obama became a senator, one of his fans put up a fan site on MySpace, and after a couple years, got 160,000 supporters for Obama. The senator’s campaign was in daily contact with him, helping and giving advice. When it got too much, and he asked to be paid for the time it was starting to take, they asked him how much to take over his site. When they didn’t like the price he quoted, they decided to take it away from him for free.

After it hit the internet, and they started taking flack, his supporters started trashing the guy, calling him a cybersquatter and extortionist and whatever for the crime of having supported their guy as a volunteer and then wanting to get paid.

Well, here’s a clue. I volunteered for a political campaign too. And then I started getting paid. It happens. Often. Do they think we’re stupid enough not to know?

And he is not a cybersquatter. He never had any intent to deceive anyone, and the daily contacts and assistance from his campaign staff hardly support their idea he was trying to harm Obama with his site. If was a fan site. Every celebrity in the world has tons of fan sites, and the celebrities don’t try to take over the sites and accuse the site owners of cybersquatting. The celebrities know they wouldn’t exist without their fans and their fans’ support through such means as fan sites. Except for Obama’s campaign.

So they look really, really dumb and incompetent. If Barack can’t even negotiate a mutually satisfactory deal with one of his biggest supporters, how the hell is he ever going to survive in the biggest shark tank of them all, in the arena of international politics with folks who have been there for decades?


2 Responses to Barack and MySpace – not ready for prime time?

  1. Jo Etta says:

    Nice summary of the situation, Tom. I’d like to crosspost it at Change for Missouri. If you’d prefer, I’ll just excerpt the first graf or so and give a link. What’s your pleasure?

  2. numen says:

    Hey, either is fine as long as ya give me a link back.

    I just now saw Lou Dobbs talk about it on CNN, So it has now left the blogosphere and made national news. This is NOT what Barack needs. All he needed to do was neotiate with the guy who was one of his biggest supporters. But he didn’t.

    Being portrayed as a bully is NOT what he needs. His campaign staff was making a really big deal (on natinal news) that they had huge numbers of supporters on the social sites, many more than the other candidates. Now on MySpace he just went down from 160,000 to 20,000.

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