Nicotine – the perfect corporate drug

Happy birthday to me (ok, a few days ago). I have now outlived many of my ancestors…all the ones who smoked, many of whose deaths I got to watch when I was young and when they were the same age as I am now.

We have weak lungs in our family. The ones who didn’t smoke lived into their eighties or nineties.

Too bad my smoking ancestors didn’t live now, in the Age of the Corporation. For them, nicotine would have been the perfect drug for working in a corporate environment. It keeps you awake so you can work long hours. It keeps away the hunger pangs so you stay lean and look “corporate”. It gives you an endorphin high so you can endure the stultifying boredom and pointlessness of following the directives of people who haven’t a clue.

And then it kills you just when they want to get rid of you to replace you with someone younger and more gullible.

3 Responses to Nicotine – the perfect corporate drug

  1. ibloggle says:

    Great post. Much needed discussion on a serious topic. My father passed away due to cigarettes. I have a long posting here for those who wish to quit. I smoked for 6 years, and learned the secret to making quitting easy. Check out my site here at

  2. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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