The Neos and the Naughts

For most of human history we practiced equality. Then we became “civilized” and developed the split between those few who leveraged minor advantages into total control, and the rest who are left with little but their labor and the crumbs that fall from their masters’ tables (or whatever else trinkles down on them from above)…

Since “civilization” happened, human conflict has centered on the question whether the many would fight for equality or whether they would turn on each other to curry favor with their masters. Many of us wonder why people would surrender their own self interests and give what little power they have to those who already possess more power and wealth than they could ever deserve by any measure. In my own cynicism, I think that maybe most folks really and truly want to be slaves as long as they can avoid the official job title, and only the tiniest few actually fight against it. Maybe we are like dogs with a top dog and all the rest content to be a part of the pack.

But occasionally the pack starts growling at the leader. This last election the Republicans, the official party of the wealth and power elite, found that their followers finally got fed up enough to stay home on election day. Not much of a revolt, but at least a start.

The inherent class conflict in the Republican Party could not be more clear than the sight of the Republican middle and working classes giving not only their jobs and savings but even sacrificing the lives of their children for the greater profits of Halliburton. And ever so slowly it is beginning to dawn on them how badly they are being had. The Neo-Conservatives, working directly for the interests of the elite may finally start finding opposition from their loyal followers.

Democrats will be much slower in realizing how badly they are being screwed by their leaders. Democrats were supposedly the party of the people, so when they too act as the party of the power elite, it takes a long time for their followers to feel the pain sufficiently to see the light.

The Democrats have had a very hard time seeing the difference between a Liberal and a Neo-Liberal. It’s just not that hard. The Neo-Liberals, just like their Republican Neo-Conservative counterparts, are the toadies, sycophants, and suckups to those with money and power. And, just like the Republicans, they are given their power by the gullible. The gullible Republican voters vote themselves into poverty and vote for the Neos because the Neos promise to protect them from the horrible possibility that a couple gay guys might want to get married and have an abortion. And likewise the gullible Democrats vote themselves into poverty as long as their Neos promise they WILL allow gay guys to get married and have abortions. Clear?

Simply look at any controversy among Democrats and you will see the same issue: How can the elite persuade the people to willingly give up their inherent equality and give everything they possess to the elite in exchange for empty promises to take up sides in an eternal war over religious and social values.

So just how stupid and gullibe are you? And it just doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you are on on this one. Is winning a war over whether some gay guys should be able to have abortions a sufficiently good reason for you to give up your jobs, your healthcare, your retirement, and your children’s future? Isn’t it just possible that maybe we should put certain issues aside for a little while and ask each other whether it isn’t about time to start realizing who our real enemies are? No matter which party label they pretend to wear?


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