Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Not only empires but also political coalitions are breaking up into their tribal constituent parts. The Republican Party, an unlikely coalition of groups with very different values held together only by a period of mutual success, is now (due to public political failures) about to explode. And the Christian Right looks like it is doing likewise inside itself, and even the Christian Coalition is having growing…oops, shrinking pains. And the Christian Coalition has just lost its new President when he tried to go beyond its Theocratic roots of hatred of abortion and gays to try to expand to include the many “Lassie & the Waltons” Evangelicals who want to promote values that Jesus actually supported:

… such as easing poverty and saving the environment.

Sure, Reverend Hunter’s genuinely Christian ideas were rejected by the Christian Coalition, but this skirmish shows the war is starting. Fundamentalists are different from Mainline Christians, and they really do have different value systems. And anyone with any political wisdom at all will help hammer the wedge between the Fundamentalists and the Evangelicals a bit deeper and start making connections with all of the Rev. Joel C. Hunter’s of the world. The Mainline Christians just might start finding out they had many values in common with the Progressives all along.


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