Empires Fall Apart

In 1990, Yugoslavia fell apart into its tribal entities, and the Soviet Union broke up soon after. And now that we dumped Saddam from Iraq, it may well break up into Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish areas. And even Canada is ever so slowly losing its grip on Quebec. Oh yeah, did I mention that some folks would like to break off parts of the USA?

All over the world empires are falling apart into their original tribal constituents. But the Neo-Conservatives would like to create a new world empire under the direction of the United States and its corporate backers.

The tide is against them, and they will fail to create a world empire. But how many millions (or billions) of people may die before the failure of empire becomes obvious?

At this point in history, the world is moving in the direction of tribalism. That could be a good thing if done right.


One Response to Empires Fall Apart

  1. […] Not only empires but also political coalitions are breaking up into their tribal constituent parts. The Republican Party, an unlikely coalition of groups with very different values held together only by a period of mutual success, is now (due to public political failures) about to explode. And the Christian Right looks like it is doing likewise inside itself, and even the Christian Coalition is having growing…oops, shrinking pains. And the Christian Coalition has just lost its new President when he tried to go beyond its Theocratic roots of hatred of abortion and gays to try to expand to include the many “Lassie & the Waltons” Evangelicals who want to promote values that Jesus actually supported: … such as easing poverty and saving the environment. […]

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