The Coming Realignment

In one of my (many) favorite local Progressive Yahoo Groups, I just noticed a posting which linked to an article by Tom Englehart at the Lew Rockwell site.

I’d like folks to think about the profound implications of seeing this article here. This was on a Liberal/Progressive email list, but is a link to a Paleo-Conservative website. The Paleo-Conservatives are profoundly peeved at the Neo-Conservatives for hijacking the Conservative movement (and control of the Republican Party) away from them. The Paleos believe in limited government, low taxes, free market economy, and avoidance of ambitions to military empire. Besides they can be found places like and .

But the article is not by one of their Paleo-Con stalwarts, but by Tom Englehart, a Liberal/Progressive from the Nation Institute and who has a blog at Tom Dispatch.

And the article from TomDispatch is not about typical fellow leftists like Noam Chomsky, but is an interview with Andrew Bacevich, a West Pointer career military man who is a “cultural conservative, a former contributor to such magazines as the Weekly Standard and the National Review, a former Bush Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin”.

Anybody here notice that the Left and the Right are becoming totally intertwined? In areas like the Partiot Act, the FCC and media monopolies, spying on citizens, and many other areas, the Left and Right are not only working on the same side on the same issues, but are actually cooperating and nourishing each other.

I see a profound realignment of the political compass, with the differences between Progressive/Liberals and Conservatives being put on the back burner as both sides fight together against the unholy alliance between the Neo-Conservative Military Empire-builders, the Corporatist Feudalists, and the Christian Reich.

More here later on how we used to be aligned and how things may work out in the future.

All the more reason why it may be a politically fatal mistake to ignore the political base of the other side and concentrate only on the Terminally Befuddled Undecideds.

3 Responses to The Coming Realignment

  1. Jo Etta says:

    Didn’t Conservatives, though, always favor Big Business? So why would they disapprove of Corporatist Feudalists? (I like the term, by the way, as well as Corporazis and Christian Reich.)

  2. numen says:

    Excellent point. In practice they have, although in theory, capitalism would function best with a multitude of small businesses rather than a few big ones.

    But I will be arguing in a future posting that the Right is not a homogeneous mass of Republican voters, but is a very complex alliance of smaller subgroups with differing–even contrary–values and goals, glued together much more tenuously than most of us on the other side would realize. Which is why we are now seeing many more working alliances between Left and Right.

    So some Conservatives have become Neo-Conservative Corporate Feudalists, while others (for instance many Paleo-Cons) are finally realizing to their consternation that Big Business nourishes Big Government.

  3. Jo Etta says:

    Actually, I’ve been increasingly aware myself of the disillusionment of many Republicans with the direction of the Grand Old Party these last couple of decades. Kevin Phillips is an obvious case in point.

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